Alex Bigi

Alessandro Bigi AKA Alex Bigj was born in Martina Franca (Italy). From an early age he began to breathe the air of music and immersed himself in the sounds emanating from a friend of his (neighbor). The attraction for the discs is fatal and immediately begins to deepen this passion. After 2 years he decides to buy his first records and deepen his passion for music, which day after day becomes more and more engaging.
In adolescence he was forced, with his family, to move by changing country and abandoning everything (friends, relatives, habits etc. etc.). This change involves in him a total abandonment of his passion. After a year he met some peers of his new country and with his own passion. Thanks to them he resumes playing, buying new records and thus starting his adventure in some clubs in the area. His favorite genres are house and deep house but he also prefers Afrohousee techouse sounds.

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