Fred Kominatia

I am a DJ from South of France and still live there in a small town called Frejus on the mediteranean coast.
30 years ago I moved to England for a while, just when the Rave Movement exploded there. I was amazed. I thought that this was bigger than Woodstock…
In fact, the name of my show « Sex Love and Motion « is a tribute to a deep house event at a club at Embankment London in the old days…for those who know..
I have been a very active Raver for years, and when Goa Trance became hype, I was part of that scene and I decided to start to mix as I could feel this style of music so much in my body and my soul.
I then travelled in my life and played everywhere I lived : London, Tahiti, Amsterdam, Sweden.
I had a Psychedelic Trance duo called « Flower Powder » with Lisah, my Swedish first wife, for many years till 2009. ( Iono Music / Macky MadHouse / Triplag Music )
Then I had a pause in music in order to fulfill paternity completely..
Then, my older daughter, called Moa, drove me back to the stage and studios as she became an amazing singer and a very talented artist. I produce and do her sound on stage.
Today I am back to my first loves Techno and House in all sorts…
Aside from « Sex Love and Motion” on The One Radio, I have a weekly live show called « Le Son de L’Underground » every Thursday 5pm 8pm on Radio Méditerranée Var,m here around my home town.
I am also member of a collective called « Mirabelle Asso « here in Frejus which is involved mainly with organising House Music events.
In parallel to that I work actively with the radio on the creation of a first electronic musics festival here in the South of France called « Sud Tronic ».

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