JANA is a female dj based in Belgium.

Running her own agency in the nightlife industry gave this girl the opportunity to develop a strong
creative mind. The experience that came with it and her never-ending pursuit to deliver memorable
nights inevitably resulted in the idea to take full control of the night.
And so, “JANA”, was born.

Committing herself to encourage people to dance and enjoy themselves, she is always on the
lookout to find those little gems that contribute to her laidback rhythmic groove which is undeniably
igniting those dancing shoes over and over again.

Adding her sense for perfection and detail to it is shaping a bright future for this strong determining
mind. Keeping both feet on the ground in this vast industry and building her own image along the
way is what keeps JANA going.

Taking on another adventure in 2019 resulted in a new concept called Mood.
A chance to express herself even more. Mood, where music is undeniably forged through emotion.


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