Mirco B. begins his musical journey during the full Disco Music era, at the age of 14, and this great passion for the music leds him to deejay in the disco clubs of the area where he lived.
He starts playing in the first local radios and for about ten years he leads a radio program called DRIVE TIME proposing alternative, different and sought-after music. His curiosity and his passion allow him to open a Vinyl and CD shop. This profession will go on for over 20 years, enriching his musical culture. His current DJ sets contain his great passion for Deep House and Nu-Jazz, his sessions are a very personal Deep-Tech concentrate, also winking at the Funky and the Old School. His most important period is linked to MOXA CLUB, prestigious Italian club, where he opened important sets to famous Guest like: Marshall Jefferson, Jimpster, Tom Middleton, Ben Watt, Luke Salomon, Matthew Herbert, Hideo Kobayashi, Ben Watt, James Lavelle …just to name a few of them.
Luke Salomon, Matthew Herbert, Hideo Kobayashi, Ben Watt, James Lavelle …just to name a few of them.
In 2007 met Valerio Semplici (member of the Black Box)
world famous group band that dominated the dance scene for
a decade between the ’80s and’ 90s, climbing charts all over the world. From
this meeting borns the “Squisito club project” and their the first single
distributed is considered by international critics as one of the
most interesting Italian projects in the Deep-House sector. Many other 

Tracks of them have been included in prestigious international compilations. A
nice meeting in Ibiza, with the Spanish collective of UruMusicArt brings him
to play in the prestigious Hotel Pacha and to collaborate with them at Ibiza Global Radio in the radio program Shamkara Radio Show Where he has been a DJ resident for over seven years


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