Senay Gueler

Born and raised in the charming Michelstadt – in the heart of the Odenwaldkreises (Germany) – I discovered my love of music at the age of 14 – especially for records and turntables, which continues today.

With my extroverted and open nature, I then moved out into the big city – not to go to the bottom like a far-eastern palm pitifully in a petty-bourgeois garden.

After a long time working as a clerk at one of the most famous music labels in the world, I was saddened to find that while this was a job in the industry I loved, the work did not really have anything to do with music.

So I challenged everything I had done so far, threw everything overboard and finally asked myself the one, all-important question: What makes me happy?

What makes a DJ happy, because I have been it since I was a teenager. I’m not talking about a job based on how high my earning potential is. I’m talking about what I like to do day after day, week after week and year after year. I realized that I should rather pursue my passion and vocation – even if that sometimes means deprivation and lull in the purse. That became my maxim!

My life today not only gives me the right decision with the decision made at that time, but also gives me the impetus for the next few years.

Meanwhile, I have the privilege to play at countless events around the world, and people know me from film, advertising and TV – which is still bizarre to me, but also filled me with humility and great gratitude.

So I am a German-born, Hessian Berliner with Turkish roots, who loves to put a smile on his face with his music and presence, and who above all has one goal: to connect people with music and make them dance.

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